Sewing Crusader Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a C4C Sewing Crusader?

It only requires a love of sewing and a passion for our kids. Simply fill out the volunteer application, and we will include you in our database.

How do you determine who you serve?

We serve all qualified medical children suffering from a life-threatening medical condition that is considered progressive, degenerative, or malignant. As well as, seriously injured, those going through surgeries and dealing with serious, frightening procedures.

How do I make a C4C cape?

Detailed instructions are included with the request. Feel free to print them to use in the future.

How much notice do you provide the Sewing Crusaders?

We request a 3-week notice, if possible. This allows time to gather material, sew and mail the cape to the child prior to the procedure.

Can I turn down a cape request?

You will never be obligated to make a cape. If asked, and you cannot make the cape, just inform us as quickly as possible so we can ask another 'Crusader' to complete the request.

What is the difference between a Treasure Cape and a Fantasy Cape?

A Treasure Cape has a specific theme and coordinating color, often given to children going into surgery, are in teh ER, Cancer and Cardiology Centers, or are inpatients. These capes are given on a day by day basis when our colunteers are at the hospital. The Fantasy Cape has a requested theme, coordinating color, and the child's name and requested object embroidered on the lining. These children have completed an eligibility form, signed by their doctor as qualifying for a Fantasy Cape.

How do I know what the size, theme, color and name is for the requested cape?

The parent will complete the application form with al the requied information you will need to make the appropriate cape. The necessary information will be emailed to you along with instructions.

How quickly do I need to respond to a request?

Sometimes the request is of am emergent status, other times you may have a couple of weeks to make the cape. We will let you know based on the inforation we receive from the parent/doctor. If you can't make the cape by the due date, no problem, just let us know and we will ask another Crusader!

Do I deliver the cape?

Many times you will mail the cape to the child. Often times, you will deliver the cape to us and we will deliver the cape to the child in the hospital. We are certified volunteers at the hospitals and are permitted to entermost rooms to deliver capes to the children.