Frequently Asked Questions

How do you verify the child's eligibility?

C4C requires either a completed Medical Eligibility Form or a Make-A-Wish Acceptance Letter for all applicants. To submit your child for eligibility, follow these steps: 1) Fill out and submit this Medical Eligibility Form. It must be completed by both the parent/legal guardian and the child's medical doctor. 2)Submit this Application Once eligibility has been confirmed, we will contact the parents by email using the address provided in the application.

Is my child eligible?

We serve children who have life-threatening medical conditions that are considered progressive, degenerative or malignant. We also serve children who require frequent or extended hospitalizations.

Do you serve siblings of medical children or surviving children?

Yes! We serve siblings of qualified medical children, including siblings of those medical children who have earned their wings in the past year.

Do you provide a Memoral Cape for families who have experienced the loss of a child?

Yes, we provide a special memoral cape for families who have lost a medically qualified child in the past year.

What is the differene between a 'Courage' cape and an 'Adventure' cape?

A 'Courage' cape has the medical child's favorite colors, theme and name embroidered on the inside along with a design related to the child's interests as stated on the application. An 'Adventure' cape is for siblings and has their favorite colors and theme as stated on the application.

How many capes can my child receive?

A medical child/sibling each may receive one cape.

Can I ask for a particular Cape design?

Sure can! We strive to make the experience positive for the family and the Sewing Crusader! The medical child can choose a theme, favorite colors, and design to be embroidered. Our Sewing Crusader will do their best to accomodate the choices based on avaliable fabric themes and embroidery designs. Offering two choices of themes, colors, and embroidery designs on the application helps the Sewing Crusader immensely!

Is there an age limit?

We usually serve children newborn to 10 years old. We've noticed kids older than 10 are not as interested in a cape, however, if you think your child would like a cape please let us know and we will be happy to make one! Please be specific in the application as to your child's age and height.

Is there a cost for a Cape?

We provide our Capes for free, regardless of a financial need. If you are in the position to do so, we would gratefully accept tax-deductible donations. Donations help us to continue the program and expand our services to even more sick or injured children in Virginia.

Does the parent/guardian need to request the Cape?

Yes, once the parent/guardian requests the Cape, the point-of-contact may shift to another friend or family member so to work with us on their behalf. Please note that person on the application as your liaison.

How does C4C communicate with families?

The best way to communicate with families is through email. We try to avoid phone calls so not to disturb your family during periods of rest or appointments. If we contact you or your liaison twice without a response, we will try to reach you by phone to continue the process.

Will you deliver the Cape?

We will either deliver the Cape to your child in the hospital based on the information supplied on the application or mail it to the address provided.

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